What we do

InSync Plan Partners takes the pressure off you by setting up your plan on the NDIS system and then managing all the day-to-day bookings and payments required under your NDIS plan. We keep track of all expenditure and ensure you are kept up-to-date on the status of funds remaining under your plan.

Has been absolutely incredible! Extremely quick and reliable, very helpful! Thank you so much!

Our services include

Offer you greater choice and control of your plan, allowing you to access supports and services from both registered and non-registered providers

Collection of invoices from your providers

Providing you with an easy to understand monthly statement within 2 business days of each month end, that details all expenditure to date and your remaining plan budgets

Seeking your approval for all invoices before claiming

Responding within 1 business day to any questions or requests you may have

Claiming and reimbursing providers within 2 business days of receiving your approval to pay

Provide training if you are keen to self-manage parts of your plan

Importantly by using our plan management services you will have choice and control over your service provider selection.

Our services are paid for by the NDIS, the money does not come out of your therapy plan, so our services are effectively free for you to use.

Let us make your life easier, by working alongside you to allow you to control your plan without the hassle of the day-to-day administration.